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About Us

P2P Connect (P2P) is a small business network connecting dental practices with dental product and service providers via our independent consultants.  Our P2P model is based on “peer-to-peer” referrals and testimonials, offering benefits to all network members.  LEARN MORE

Our History

P2P Connect was founded by Pamela Runge, RDH, MBA.  The idea started from dental professionals seeking to advance their opportunities within the industry.  Having been on the manufacturing side of the dental business, Pamela knew the limitations of new companies seeking to attract new customers (dental professionals).

There are hidden gems of new products and services in need of marketing support and that is where the value of “word of mouth” drives the unique business model that P2P offers.

Our P2P model combines the use of professionals who use the products P2P represents with their own patients first, believe in their value and are happy to recommend them to their peers.  It is this personal connection that creates a trusted referral so valuable for all involved.

“There’s something we all trust about a personal recommendation or professional referral. It makes a compelling difference in our decision making process.”  Pamela Runge, RDH, MBA.  

Somehow it provides an added comfort or feeling of confidence in our choices…at home with our family, with friends, or in our professional workplace.

Our Beliefs

  • P2P Vision: To provide a collaborative professional network that positively impact peoples lives and their ability to create individual freedom.  
  • P2P Mission:  To create more job opportunities for dental professionals.
  • P2P Goal & Objective: To build a successful group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business leaders.  Together, we will help each other drive revenue growth for all P2P members by creating a sustainable win-win-win business model.

Our Benefits

  • P2P Professional Network Members:  P2P will provide new innovative product and service solutions for professional dental members, via trusted personal referral and testimonials from their peers. As a network member, you can take advantage of direct savings and promotions from our business associate product and services portfolios. Go to “Login/Register” and register today! Ask your P2P consultant for your P2P NUMBER* to receive network pricing. JOIN TODAY! 
  • P2P Sales Representatives: P2P will positively impact the lives of their independent sales & marketing representatives (“affiliates”) through providing consultant training & support, product & services knowledge, along with sustainable opportunities for entrepreneurial driven individuals looking
    to earn additional income, sales and marketing skills, and even create a small business.
    Go to “Login/Register” and JOIN TODAY!  
  • P2P Business Associates:  P2P will help drive it’s business partners revenue through a direct to professional sales & marketing model.  PSN provides a low cost “word of mouth” advertising vehicle for partners to launch new and existing products, acquire new customers, increase sales and product awareness, and gain direct access to train and support our P2P sales team. Go to “Login/Register” and JOIN TODAY! 
 “That’s why we formed P2P . Our team recommends innovative products they have personally tested with

their patients.  As your professional peer, we offer that trusted difference.”  Pamela Runge, RDH, MBA.


If you are a dental professional in a busy practice, we know when it comes to product and service selection you have many choices with limited time to figure out advantages of one over another. Working with a P2P  consultant gives you confidence that you are selecting products that have been tested and passed the high standards of professionals just like you!

We realize high quality products allow you to provide the best possible care for your patients. We provide only those trusted products we recommend with our own patients.

Together, we will help you provide the highest level of care in our industry, click here to download our P2P brochure.

That’s our PROMISE to you today!

We are here to assist you! Our promise is to make a positive difference in your business today! That’s YOUR advantage!


Go to “Login/Register” and register today!  If you are a dental practice placing an order for the first time with a business partner, please ask your PSN consultant for their assistance in placing your order as you will need their PSN number to receive PSN membership promotional pricing.  Following orders may be placed directly with PSN partners and you will receive member pricing.


P2P Management Team

We are experienced industry professionals and business owners, just like you!

Tonie Konig / Marketing Manager

Manuel Rosette / Sales Manager

Martin Handfield / General Manager

Pamela Runge / Founder 

We are passionate about sharing our experiences with you about what works for us, in our business and in the industry.

Our P2P team offers you a collective “think tank” group of colleagues that you can tap into at any time. Ask us any question from what product or equipment to choose, to what are the “best practices” and procedures currently being used or share with us your custom needs.