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Viome Pro – Salivary Testing for Oral and Throat Cancer Detection and Oral Microbiome Insight
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Viome Pro is a professional line of molecular testing offered by Viome Life Sciences.

The Oral Health Pro with Cancer Detect test can screen for oral and throat cancer at the earliest possible stages and can provide valuable insight into a patient's overall oral health.

The standard of care for oral cancer screening has remained largely unchanged for over 60 years. However, with the revolutionary RNA technology, we can now detect oral and throat cancer at a molecular level, far before a lesion becomes viable. Early detection is key in saving lives, and with a late-stage mortality rate of 40%, it is clear that we need to improve our screening methods.

With just a single saliva sample, we can detect oral and throat cancer, and also get a comprehensive summary of the patient's overall oral health. This valuable insight can aid providers and their teams in offering the most comprehensive and effective treatment for each patient.

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