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PSN Loyalty Program

Are you following the smart money?

Do You Offer a Customer Loyalty Program? 
Now you can with our PSN Loyalty Program – FREE & SMART for ALL MEMBERS!

An excellent way to build additional sales income with a GLOBAL referral program!

Resounding proof indicates that it cost 7x more to generate a new customers than what it cost to get a current customers to make use of your services again.

“Companies that invest in customer loyalty are 88% more profitable than their competitors.” Source: Deloitte


What Customers Want:

  1. To feel they made a good purchase
  2. To save money
  3. A card that they can use at many businesses
  4. Benefit from their purchases
  5. Collect points for their loyalty
  6. Have an overall great shopping experience
  7. Pay cashless


With an Effective Loyalty Program You Will:

  1. Know your customers better (age, gender, spending habits, etc.)
  2. You can communicate with your customers regularly (sms, e-mail, newsletter, birthday wishes)
  3. You can reward your loyal customers effectively
  4. You can easily gain more customers
  5. You could measure your customer satisfaction
  6. You could create additional customers and income for your business


“Satisfied customers recommend a company on average to 3 more persons.” Source: werbepraxis-aktuell.de

JOIN TODAY!  If you are a dental practice and a network member, please speak to your PSN representative today to find out how you can put this powerful marketing tool to work for your business.  For PSN partners (associates) and sales reps (affiliates), please contact the PSN Marketing Director or go to Contact Us and let us know your interest. 

PSN SUPPORT:  Let us assist you to mine the gold that lies in your database by implementing a innovative loyalty program for your business.

Give Customers Added Incentive to Improve Their Well-being.

“Through a cost savings of 5%, an increase in profits up to 25% can be achieved.” Source: Ekalog”