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As a P2P independent consultant, you may even start your own business!

No experience or money required. Our team will coach you to assure your success.

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Please complete the information below. There are 3 ways to join our small business network:

1. Become a P2P Member: If you are a business, that desires to take advantage of direct pricing and receive recommendations from trusted professional using P2P products, please join our club and start enjoying your exclusive membership savings today!

2. Become a P2P Consultant: If you are a sales professional interested in earning additional income by recommending products to your peers, join our team today! Simply begin by using our products in your practice.

3. Become a P2P Business Associate:  By joining our Peer 2 Peer Connect, you can take advantage of direct savings and promotions from our manufacturers and distributor providers.

Network Pricing:

By joining our P2P Membership, you can take advantage of direct savings and promotions from our manufacturers and distributor providers.

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Ask your P2P consultant for your P2P NUMBER* to receive club pricing. Simply select your level below, accept T&C’s  and create login info.

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General Terms & Conditions: P2P is NOT responsible for any product orders, product shipments, product payments or returns from any of their associates the company represents.

Use of P2P Connect Website Statement: P2P  is strictly a networking website that provides information to registered customers (P2P members) about the business associates the company represents.

P2P works with independent contractors (retail sales reps) that provide referrals and testimonials about products they wish to support from the P2P collection of products.

The sales reps provide product information and support their customers. P2P does not take any orders online, via fax or phone.

All orders to be placed directly with Associate Business Partners (see P2P website listings).

Members may contact their P2P sales rep for additional assistance or visit P2P website for company email address and phone number for support.

As a courtesy, P2P sales reps may assist their customers in placing orders with P2P Associates but are not held responsible for any part of the ordering process.

P2P withholds the right to refuse to work with customers for any reason or change their website information and companies they represent at any time.