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If you are a sales professional that wants to recommend products and earn extra income, we want to talk with you!

We are actively seeking business associates and sales representatives.
Join Our PSN Team:  

PSN Dental Sales Rep:  Do you want to advance your dental career?  Looking for additional income or start a small business?  We can help you!  Our ideal candidate has clinical dental experience (any type) and is willing to try products and recommend them to their peers.  It’s simple and FUN!  No experience necessary. Commission based (1099). PSN and partners provide FREE training and support. Go to Registration Page and register today!

PSN Business Associates:  If you offer innovative* dental products or services, we would like to work with you.  If you are seeking to acquire new customers, launch products, build awareness, and increase sales, PSN can assist you! Our “word of mouth” direct sales platform offers you a low cost marketing solution. As a partner, you gain FREE direct access to our sales team for custom training & ongoing support. No upfront fees!  Our promise is to help you grow your business!  Go to “Registration Page and register today!  *Category exclusivity available.